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2023 Marcopolo Grand Shuttle

2023 Marcopolo Grand Shuttle

2023 Marcopolo Grand Shuttle

The world’s largest bus manufacturer, Marcopolo, introduces their first vehicle to arrive on the streets of North America: The Grand Shuttle. Model 1 is proud to be the exclusive dealer to offer this upscale executive shuttle bus to the US market. A driver-focused, passenger shuttle, the Grand Executive is purpose-built as a bus on the trusted Ford F59 chassis. The modern interior emphasizes passenger comfort with features like high-quality seating with armrests, LED lighting, and premium flooring. It can accommodate up to 32 passengers with rear pass-through luggage compartments or up to 26 passengers with 2 wheelchair positions and rear lift in ADA configuration.

Vehicle Specs

  • Condition: New
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • Chassis: Marcopolo
  • Engine: 7.3L V8
  • Model: Grand Shuttle
  • Mileage:
  • Color: White
  • Capacity: 32
  • Luggage Type: Lower Passthrough
  • Wheelchair Position: 0
Our Price: Contact Us
  • Unit # MG33G3200AAX23
  • Quantity Available: 1


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