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Air Purification Units

Give Your Passengers a Breath of Fresh Air

We believe in providing industry-leading products and services for our customers. Often, that means helping you provide above-and-beyond experiences for your passengers. That’s why we’ve collaborated with PlasmaAir and ProAir to provide you with new, easy-mount air purifying units to keep your fleet’s air quality the cleanest it can be.

Purifying Units

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Choose from PlasmaAir 600 Series and ProAir HEPA-1, HEPA-2, HEPA-3 and HEPA-6 filter systems to help eliminate harmful airborne particulates and protect both driver and passengers. These units are ideal for all types of buses, including school, commercial, paratransit, tour, and city transit.

Plasma Air Series 600

Plasma Air 600 Series

This self-contained unit is an all-around workhorse: safe, low maintenance, easy to install, energy efficient, and highly effective at neutralizing pollutants. PlasmaAir uses bipolar ionization technology to proactively purify indoor air, getting right to the source of contamination before it spreads. This solution is proven to reduce COVID-19 surrogate MS2 bacteriophage by 99% in just 10 minutes.

ProAir Hepa-1 vehicle air purification

ProAir HEPA-1

HEPA-1 (HEPA Filter with Optional UV Light) is ideal for ambulances, limos, and transit buses. This product is offered in single or dual blower options as well as with or without UV Lights.

ProAir Hepa-2

ProAir HEPA-2

The HEPA-2 (HEPA Filter + UVC Light + Photocatalyst) was specifically designed for transit bus applications and also works exceptionally well with a variety of other vehicles. This solution can be discreetly mounted to the vehicle ceiling or wall — out of the way, yet extremely effective.

ProAir Hepa-3

ProAir HEPA-3

The HEPA-3 (HEPA Filter with Optional UVC Light) is a high-capacity unit ideal for all types of buses, including school, commercial, paratransit, tour and city transits. To maximize available space in your vehicles, this solution can be mounted on the vehicle ceiling or wall, and weighs only 20 lbs.

ProAir Hepa-6

ProAir HEPA-6

The HEPA-6 (HEPA Filter with Optional UV and UVC Light) is a high-capacity product ideal for school buses and a variety of other applications. Wall or ceiling mounted, this solution takes up little space, but makes a big impact on air quality.

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