2015 Summer Trends and Travel Safety Tips

Model 1 | June 29, 2015

School’s out and summer is in session. It’s time to pull out the flip-flops, sun tan lotion and party music. Whether you are traveling by air or car taking the time to plan will save hours of frustration and headaches. Here’s a glimpse of this year’s travel trends and list of summer travel tips.

Air Travel

When it comes to flying comfort, convenience and connectivity are what’ important. Passengers want to keep up with social media using charging stations for mobile boarding passes, phones and tablets. While airlines want to offer economic and competitive rates they also are enforcing a zero tolerance approach concerning aggressive behavior toward tourist travel.

Families on a budget and couples are reaping the benefits of special pods offered in their economy packages, created by the airlines to provide greater privacy and additional leg room space. Bargain hunters now have the power of choice with the option to personalize and upgrade flights to accommodating their traveling needs.

Here’s a list of some the hottest summer travel destination sites:

• The Caribbean

• Malta

• Lithuania

• Australia

• South Africa

• Swiss Alps

Motor Travel

If you plan on hitting the road estimating the trip’s duration and fuel usage is crucial and will save money in the long run. The item you overlook will cause the largest problems. Always anticipate and expect road work, delays, detours and road closures.

Here’s a checklist to avoid those unexpected disasters

• Check tires, including your spare for the proper tread

• Inspect the battery, belts, hose, fluids for wear and correct levels

• Test lights, windshield wipers and clean windows (inside and out)

• Prepare a Roadside Emergency Kit (jumper cables, flashlight and a large amount of bottled water)

• Always buckle up and have proper child safety devices

• Never leave children unattended

• ****Focus on the road – If you need to make a call always stop in a safe place and never text while driving.

Summer is in session and it’s time to enjoy family, friends and experience the world with this year’s destination trends. Whether you are flying or driving take time to do the necessary planning. It will save you money, eliminate headaches and frustration, while promoting safety.

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