4 Great Reasons to Buy Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Model 1 | September 8, 2014

4 Great Reasons to Buy Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Throughout the country, wheelchair users struggle to find safe and reliable transportation to just the basic services. Public transportation for handicapped individuals is not the most reliable and often must be arranged days in advance while private vehicles are too costly for a majority of individuals those who need them. Having the right accessibility has become a bigger issue in the industry, yet it is still only becoming harder to find.

However, when you buy wheelchair accessible vehicles you stand out from the competition by providing this much-needed service. Here are just four reasons to add a wheelchair accessible bus to your fleet.  

  1. The Public is Taking a Stand

With social media at customer’s fingertips, any negative experience with a company will quickly spread, which can potentially cost the company significant money in lost revenue. When the problem is due to insufficient accessibility for wheelchair users, the fallout can be devastating for both up-and-coming and established businesses.

  1. You’d Supply a Much Needed Service

One golden rule of business: find a need and supply the solution. There is a huge need for accessible transportation, both on dedicated routes and on call services. Ride sharing services have driven taxi companies out of business, yet these services rarely have adequate, accessible vehicles, leaving the wheelchair dependent population out of options. Just imagine the business you could be gaining by opening out to this whole new audience of people requiring transportation.

  1. You’ll Retain Your Aging Customers

Providing new services can help you to retain customers’ business as they age and become more dependent on public transportation. Baby Boomers are rapidly approaching retirement and as they age, more and more have to rely on a wheelchair to get around. When you buy wheelchair accessible vehicles, this aging population will continue to be loyal customers.

  1. Accommodate Employees and Clients

Even if you do not provide mass transportation, having an accessible vehicle will allow you to accommodate current and potential employees who require a wheelchair when participating in corporate events. The same is true if you regularly take clients out into the field or to off-site locations.

Updating your fleet or starting a new one can be expensive. However, there are resources available to help you buy wheelchair accessible vehicles. There are many ways to get financing help with funding and grants for buying accessible vehicles. Here at Creative Bus Sales, we also offer in-house financing to help streamline the buying process and get more wheelchair accessible vehicles on the road.

More advice: Here is some of our experts advice if you still cant decide we asked our sales team for there advice and here there recomendations:

Starcaft 22 – 25 models: Option 1 or Option 2 Starlite TransitHas a slimmer body then the average bus- its built on the same chassis as the Ford Vans: Find our more information

Transit Works Vans- These vans are cool because they are “ easier to drive”  and they are available with rear entry lift or side entry lift. There are available with standard rubber flooring or “Smart Floor”

  • This has a full smart floor with Rear Lift check out this unit
    • Smart Floor is an expensive option- but a great option because it allows the end user to remove seats to allow more space for an additional wheelchair OR just move the seating configuration around a bitIf you notice the tracks on the flooring and then the wheels on the bottom of the seats, you just litterally unclick the seat and you can either remove it all together (usually for every 2 seats removed- you can add 1 wheel chair position) OR you can move the seat back a bit if the passenger needed more leg room- just unclick- move it back and re click
  • FULL Smart Floor with Side Lift Check it out
  • Another option is this one that has the standard flooring and side lift: Check it out

Now is a great time to buy wheelchair accessible buses. Check out our online inventory and then contact Creative Bus Salesto begin the process today!