5 Considerations When Choosing School Buses for Sale

Model 1 | June 29, 2016

5 Considerations When Choosing School Buses for Sale

Schools bus transit companies must carefully analyze the market and choose buses designed to protect the children they’ll be transporting throughout the year. To determine the optimal safe vehicle for their organization, it’s important company leaders speak with trusted vehicle experts. Our team at Creative Bus Sales has many years’ experience helping clients pinpoint school buses designed for the highest levels of comfort and safety. In this latest post, we’ll present five considerations to make when choosing school buses for sale.


1. Seatbelts

While many cities don’t require seatbelts on school buses, transit companies might consider seatbelt options when analyzing the marketplace. The latest data shows that seatbelts on buses can help to increase the safety levels of students and ensure that students don’t move around while the bus is in motion. Studies show that driver distraction due to student misbehavior is a leading cause of vehicle accidents and using seatbelts can help keep students in their seat throughout their journey.

2. Seat Style

Another important safety consideration when analyzing school buses for sale is the type of seating available within the vehicle. Vehicles with high backed chairs provide a greater level of protection to students in the event of an accident. School bus seats also require thick padding to help limit the strain on the passengers’ bodies during a vehicle accident. In addition, it’s important to consider the proximity of seats within the vehicle. Limiting spacing between seating can help to minimize the potential for injuries during an accident.

3. Lighting

School buses must be equipped with high performance lighting to ensure safe driving in all conditions. Any school buses for sale across the market must also be equipped with hazard lights that warn other drivers on the road when students are about to cross the road or when the vehicle is about to stop to pick up and let off other students. These lighting systems must feature reliable components built to the highest of market standards.

4. Signal Arm

The signal arm that extends outward to indicate that a passenger is leaving the school bus and about to cross the road in front of other drivers is a leading consideration. Transit firms should consider vehicles with highly durable and reliable sign arms. The mechanism for releasing the signal arm should be simple for the driver to operate as part of their day-to-day routine.

5. Mirrors

In addition to providing their drivers with large rear review and side-view mirrors, school buses should be equipped with large wide-angle mirrors that provide views back into the cabin of the bus. The driver is responsible for all events that take place on the bus, and effectively installed mirrors can help ensure the driver retains full control of activities in the vehicle.

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