Buying Guide

A Beginner’s Guide to Popular Bus Types

Model 1 | February 1, 2023

A row of city buses parked.

Looking to buy a new bus? There are many different options on the market and the sheer number can feel overwhelming.

One way to streamline the shopping process is by choosing a type of bus. This will instantly narrow your search to a much smaller selection of models to consider.

Below, we cover some of the more common bus types. For more information or to explore buses for sale, contact the experts at Creative Bus Sales.


These buses are designed to comply with ADA standards. They come with wheelchair lifts that are easy to use and easy to maintain. With these buses, you’ll be able to provide a safe and stress-free travel experience to passengers who are wheelchair users.


These buses are used to transport a group of people to the same destination. For example, they can take travelers to their airport or take tourists on an exploration of the city. Some of these buses accommodate large groups of 30 or more passengers!


Not everyone needs the seating capacity of a standard bus. That’s where mini buses enter the picture.

These vehicles are much smaller in size and often come with storage space for passenger items. They are popular for transporting individuals to events run by a company, church, or sports league.


These buses are built to accommodate a variety of uses. This can be a great way to avoid needing to buy multiple specialized vehicles. Instead, get one general purpose bus that offers impressive versatility. Common uses for multi-function school activity buses include transporting groups connected to day cares and other private organizations.

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