Choosing the Right Used Bus Sales for a Transportation Business

Model 1 | May 20, 2015

Choosing the Right Used Bus Sales for a Transportation Business

There are many different types used bus sales and each has a variety of features and benefits that will match with the requirements of the business.  Some of the styles of new and used bus sales that Creative Bus sales carry include: 

  • Shuttle Buses – shuttle buses are the ideal choice for parking companies, hotels and resorts, charter operators, churches, and retirement homes. These buses should meet industry standards for parking.  Be sure to choose the bus that has a seating configuration that meets the specific business’s transportation needs. There are shuttle buses available for 7 passengers and charter buses which hold as many as 37 passengers and numerous floor plan options available.
  •  Activity Buses – Activity buses are great vehicles for after school programs, childcare facilities, or any company that needs to shuttle passengers around. One of the most versatile options is the MFSAB (multifunctional school activity buses). It can be used by churches groups, child care programs, or small businesses.
  • Tour and Luxury Buses – Coach buses are perfect for long trips or large passenger bus tours. These models can be configured to ensure your riders travel in comfort such as upgraded fabrics or leather seats. One of the most popular models is the line of entertainer buses. This bus can be customized with luggage racks, equipped with entertainment systems, and many other options.

If you are unsure of how to make the most of new or used bus sales contact the team at Creative Bus Sales. We assist with growing your fleet with the right bus for your business’s needs.