Creative Bus Sales Rebrands to Model 1

Model 1 | June 13, 2023

Creative Bus Sales rebrands to Model 1

Creative Bus Sales is now Model 1 Commercial Vehicles. Nothing about our leadership or our passion has changed, and our new brand represents the creativity, expertise, and vision we put to work for customers across the U.S.

The choice to become Model 1 was made with great intentionality and vision from our leadership team who had seen how our marketplace was changing, how our own offerings were expanding, and how we wanted to move into the future. The new name and brand identity reflects the evolution to include not only bus sales, but also distribution, service, financing and insurance for a variety of internal combustion, alternative fuel, and electric commercial vehicles.

The Model 1 name represents creativity, continuous improvement, and going first – all qualities that have defined the company for decades. Our goal is to use our size, stature and innovative mindset to drive the transit industry into the future by normalizing alternative fuel fleets and exploring manufacturer collaborations. We’re unafraid to be the ones who lead the way and establish the model for creative commercial solutions that bring us all forward.

 “For more than 40 years, we’ve been Creative Bus Sales. The move to Model 1 is a significant decision for us,” said Tony Matijevich, president. “We’ve always had an appetite and ability to pioneer new spaces. Our goal is to lead the industry into what’s next – solving transportation issues with visionary thinking. Moving forward for us means welcoming the future. We’re the same team with a new generation of leaders, and I’m excited to see how the team embodies our company’s purpose: to go first.”

Model 1 represents more than 20 top bus, full-size van and electric vehicle manufacturers across the country. The new brand identity and name will be rolled out across all of the company’s locations and communication channels in the coming weeks.