Essential Safety Features on a School Bus

Model 1 | December 8, 2021

A fleet of yellow school buses parked in a line.

Student safety is the priority when buying a school bus, but it can be tough knowing which features to prioritize. We’ve gathered up the must-have school bus safety features below. For more buying tips or to shop school buses for sale, contact Model 1 Commercial Vehicles.


There are many different types of seating designs that lead to different amounts of protection for students. The key is finding school bus seating that’s built to prevent injury.  This can be done with school bus safety features such as:

  • High seat backs and extra cushioning to help absorb impact.
  • Seats staying firmly in place during a collision, rather than jolting about.
  • Spacing of the seats to create a compartmentalized structure, which spreads out the jerks created by a crash in order to minimize the effect on passengers.


Advanced GPS models can help school bus drivers ward off safety risks in many different ways.  First, technology can help with route planning. School bus drivers can program the various stops into the GPS, rather than needing to rely on memory. The GPS also gives up-to-date information on any route closures, slowdowns, and other information that can change from day to day. Equipped with this data, drivers can adapt their route as needed to take the safest path possible.  Second, technology can help with knowing route details. For example, GPS models can provide information about the given speed limit. If school bus drivers happen to miss a speed limit sign, they can simply glance at the GPS to know the speed they should be going.


A key part in preventing accidents is being able to see upcoming obstacles and hazards. School bus drivers need to maintain proper visibility, which requires an abundance of mirrors placed in strategic locations. It’s recommended to choose a school bus with top left and top right glass mirrors, left and right convex mirrors, left and right cross-view mirrors, and a rear-view mirror.


There are many things a school bus driver needs to keep in mind throughout the drive. It can be easy for something to slip a bus driver’s mind, which is where automated reminders enter the picture.   School buses can be equipped with automated reminder systems to help drivers stay on top of the many necessary safety tasks. For example, the system can remind school bus drivers to make sure no kids have fallen asleep and missed their stop. These reminders make it easier for school bus drivers to keep everyone safe.  Want more information on essential school bus safety features? Ready to shop school buses for sale? The experts at Model 1 are happy to help however they can. Simply reach out to get started today.