Finding the Right Wheelchair Accessible Van

Model 1 | December 4, 2020

The interior of a wheelchair-accessible van.

Investing in an ADA compliant van can make day-to-day activities more convenient and efficient for those with disabilities. Whether it’s a personal vehicle or one for business, getting the right model starts with understanding the ins and outs of wheelchair vans. That’s why we here at Model 1 Commercial Vehicles have provided an overview of what to expect when looking at your options to help you narrow them down to the right one. Then, check out the wheelchair vans for sale in our inventory and ask us how we can get one of them shipped to your door, no matter where you are in the U.S.!

Why Make the Switch?

Some can get by with a non-accessible vehicle and may not see the value in switching out their current option. If a person with a disability does not need a modified seat for transport, they may find no interest in switching vehicles. However, there are many advantages to investing in a wheelchair van that consumers may want to consider.


A wheelchair accessible van provides the person with a disability more freedom than other types of vehicles. For instance, it’s easier to get in and out of an ADA compliant van without help. You can configure the interior to allow you to use the wheelchair as the seat. In some specialty vans, passengers can even get close enough to move into a seat from their wheelchair without an additional pair of hands helping to store the equipment.


There’s a good chance the seats in the average car or van aren’t particularly well-suited to a person with a disability. They may not be comfortable to sit in, as they do not prioritize that in their designs(this is true for all passengers, regardless of mobility). An ADA compliant van can make it easier to travel with customized ergonomics, either in the wheelchair or in the modified seat.

Financial Benefits

This section will apply primarily to those who cannot make-do with a non-accessible vehicle. For those in this position, there are two choices: either purchase a wheelchair accessible van or have a professional team modify an existing non-accessible vehicle. The benefits here may be different for everyone, but after budgeting, it’s possible purchasing an entirely new ADA compliant van is more affordable than modifying an existing one.

Think About Size

When it’s time to start looking around at wheelchair van options, the priority should be the size. There is a wide range of sizes that are suited to different wheelchair sizes and a varying number of passengers. To make your investment worthwhile, you should choose a model that’s big enough to suit your needs.

Work with an Accredited Dealer

With something as important as this, it’s even more essential to work with an accredited dealer, specifically concerning wheelchair vans. There are more moving parts, so even the standard automotive dealership may not be enough. Look for dealers that have experience in this area and can give you the best advice.

Ask Around

If you are part of a supportive community that has some experience in purchasing wheelchair-accessible vans, ask around for advice. Often, the best reviews and opinions come from those who have been through the process themselves and can offer first-hand knowledge on how to navigate the market and which models they would recommend.

The theme of our guide is to ask for help. Shopping for an ADA compliant van can come with unique challenges that may feel overwhelming. That’s why Model 1 is here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you take the next steps toward ownership!