Ford’s First OEM Fully Electric Transit Van – The Future Is Here, and It’s Electric!

Model 1 | June 14, 2022

A white Ford E-Transit van parked in a dealership parking lot.


Creative Bus Sales is pleased to announce a huge inventory commitment for Ford E-Transit Passenger conversion vans from Forest River. These vans feature the same medium roof, long wheelbase Ford Transit 350 platform that our customers are accustomed to, powered by the new Ford OEM fully-electric drivetrain. Every unit will include a Ford Pro charging unit and 3 years of Ford Pro E-Telematics connectivity as standard options. Customers who purchase a new E-Transit will have access to Ford Pro’s new BEV Eco System which includes Ford Pro: Vehicles, Charging, Service Elite and Intelligence. Delivering new levels of productivity for business and government works. The BEV ecosystem leverages technology from the ground to the cloud to help improve uptime, total cost of ownership and fleet performance.

E-Transits will be available in significant quantities starting in July 2022, with all passenger and wheelchair accessible configurations available. Full specifications will be released in the coming weeks.

The Creative Commitment
Creative Bus Sales is pleased to continue investment in electric vehicles with this purchase of Ford E-Transit vehicles. This acquisition represents a major milestone in our commitment to providing our customers with fully connected, sustainable, zero-emission vehicles for a greener future.

Your Green Fleet Partner
Just as we have for traditional fuel vehicles for over 40 years, Creative Bus Sales is dedicated to being your full-service dealer of electric vehicles as well. We want to be your one-stop shop for all things EV including; training, technology, charging infrastructure and accessories, maintenance, and parts and service.

Connectivity and Telematics

One of the most under-appreciated features that many EVs offer is the information they can collect while they operate. Telematics-equipped vehicles can wirelessly report statistics such their location, elapsed route time, and remaining range back to the fleet manager. This data is also used by on-board systems to relay real-time range, battery life, route efficiency, and even to find locate the most convenient charger infrastructure. Leveraging this data to ensure you’re getting the most out of you fleet has never been easier.


  • Passenger comfort – Reduced noise, vibration & zero emissions
  • Performance – Smooth acceleration, instant torque
  • Decreased fuel expenses – Electricity can cost significantly less than fuel
  • Automated charging – Schedule non-peak hours for ultra-efficiency
  • Cut maintenance costs – No fluid changes & reduced brake wear
  • Connectivity – Data collection & telematic technology improve operation
  • Financial assistance – Grants & refunds may be available

For more information about the E-Transit, please call us at (888)633-8380 or contact us here.