Green Alternative Systems Fleet Conversion Saves Money and the Environment

Model 1 | May 24, 2016

Green Alternative Systems Fleet Conversion Saves Money and the Environment

Throughout the US, commercial fleet owners are saving the environment and money by opting for greener, cleaner, and more cost-effective fleet conversions. As the future of U.S. energy innovation, Green Alternative Systems’ compressed natural gas (CNG) conversion reduces carbon emissions and pads the bottom line of the organization.

The clean-burning properties of natural gas cost fifteen to fifty percent less per gallon than gasoline. The federal government offers a fifty percent investment tax credit for every vehicle converted through the Financial Incentive Advantage to make fleet conversion more attractive for operators. In addition to saving money on fuel, a CNG conversion can reduce maintenance costs by a staggering forty percent. In the end, conversions contribute to significant cost savings in multiple ways.

As the premier win-win solution, a CNG conversion offers several benefits to the environment. Natural Gas Vehicles emit almost zero emissions during fueling while gasoline vehicles account for almost fifty percent of the vehicle’s total hydrocarbon emissions. CNG systems result in far less emissions and significantly less pollutants during processing than gasoline. CNG is the greener and more environmentally conscious decision.

The experienced team at Green Alternative Systems (GAS) works to quickly perform fleet conversions by using the highest standards in the industry. The experts at GAS are able to provide CNG conversions for a wide range of Ford and General Motors models.  As the only specialist to provide the Ford E-450 6.8L CNG Fuel System, Green Alternative Systems also offers CNG conversions for a select number of Chrysler vehicles. Operators should contact their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or one of the team members at GAS to determine if their vehicle is eligible for CNG conversions.

About Green Alternative Systems:

Green Alternative Systems specializes in fleet conversions and is one of the leading advocates for greener and more efficient initiatives. Green Alternative Systems has multiple locations across the U.S. and offers the trained professionals, proper equipment, and space to handle any sized fleet conversion.

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