How a Mini Bus Will Help Your Church Ministry Grow

Model 1 | May 6, 2014

How a Mini Bus Will Help Your Church Ministry Grow

Whether you’re the leader of a new congregation or an experienced church pastor, buying a bus can be a huge undertaking. The environment of your church before, during, and after the purchase will all play into the purchase of a church bus. You’ll want to think about how you will be able to use your church bus long after you’ve made the purchase.

Transportation For All

There are likely people who want to come to your church, but just don’t have a car or any way to get there. Maybe they can walk, but it would be a great blessing for them to be able to have a ride once in awhile, or even every Sunday. You can show the love of Jesus in this way by reaching out a helping hand and showing, rather than just telling them that you care about their comfort and well being.

Greater Flexibility

With a mini bus, you have the ability to carry seven to fourteen

passengers at one time, with more ease than a large van or even a larger bus. It rides on more miles per gallon of gas than a larger vehicle, which means more money left over to spend on other important ways to expand the Kingdom of God. And since there’s no need for getting or having a Commercial Drivers License, you can save time and money. Without a CDL, just about any member of your congregation can learn to drive your church bus.

Summer Transportation

When your church is having a summer youth camp, for example, a mini bus is a great way to travel. Maybe you’ve been trying to think of a type of transportation that would be helpful for this area of your ministry. Maybe God has already put it on your heart that this is what you should be doing. For whatever reason, this is a great opportunity to expand your youth ministry.

Outreach Possibilities

Mini buses are also great for travel when you visit places for evangelistic outreach. Such as hospitals, senior centers, retirement homes, youth centers, jails, and rehabilitation centers. Regardless of whether or not you plan on doing outreach in your local area, or somewhere even further, it’s a great idea to have a bus to transport you to the next location.

Maybe you’ve prayed about, or the Lord has put it on your heart to go on a daylong mission trip. This is a convenient way to travel just as it is for outreach, because your other option is pretty much for each individual to drive to the location. This option, however, saves time and gas for many people.

Owning a mini bus is a wonderful way for you to fulfill your calling for leading more and more people to Jesus and helping your ministry grow. Events that used to be off limits to some of your faithful churchgoers are now accessible to them. The ministry opportunities are endless. It’s important to show our brothers and sisters in Christ that we love them and that they matter, and driving them to church is a nice way that they will be grateful for.