Luxury Tour Bus Sales: Essential Vehicles Part 2

Model 1 | October 10, 2014

Luxury Tour Bus Sales: Essential Vehicles Part 2

Prominent and affluent clients expect top-notch transportation for private tours and a variety of shuttle needs. Catering to the VIP customer means that comfort and luxury beyond the norm are key factors when deciding on a luxury tour bus. We’ve already covered essential buy number one, the Meridian Sprinter. Next let’s take a look at the Federal Coach.The Spirit CS, a Federal Coach model, is a reputable choice for luxury tour bus operators. Enhanced seating is a key feature VIP passengers look for. They expect roominess, comfort, and extras such as adjustable armrests, contoured headrests, and plush fabrics. Enhanced limousine salon seating is beneficial to clients looking for extra space that compliments the ride experience.

Easy boarding and exiting is an attractive benefit. Dual or bi-fold entry doors eliminate the crab-walk a passenger is forced to do with smaller entryways and makes carrying items less of a balancing act. LED lighted step wells provide additional light and safety for passengers as they board and exit the coach.

Additional enhancements include:

  • Retractable seat belts
  • Fixed or removable wood tables and bars
  • Overhead luggage with dual reading lights
  • LED interior lighting package
  • Dual LCD TV, AM/FM radio, CD and DVD players
  • Black-out entry door and windows for privacy

Operators and drivers in need of a more passenger space can opt for a Federal Premier Freightliner and Premier International coaches have conversion options for a 19-inch seat width, a PA system, ceiling mount handrails, rear storage or luggage bays. All of the Federal coaches have wheelchair lift options. Federal coaches seat 12 to 44 passengers and are built on Ford, Freightliner, or International chassis.

Both Federal and Meridian offer coaches that fill client requirements for audiovisual equipment, LED lighting, storage, easy boarding, and plush seating in various configurations. With diverse seating the driver adapts to provide the utmost safety for passengers.

If either option appeals to you, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help you choose the right option.