Minibuses for Municipalities

Model 1 | March 5, 2015

Minibuses for Municipalities

City leaders and transit agencies looking for an economical solution to traffic congestion can look no further. Minibuses for municipalities are a great alternative to larger buses that congest streets in cities where traffic is a nuisance. Purchasing a municipality bus becomes an easy decision after discovering the benefits they bring to cities. Read on to learn more.

Compact, Maneuverable, and Comfortable

Minibuses are more maneuverable than larger buses thanks to their compact size. From end to end they average 19 to 22 feet in length; only 10 inches more than the average American car. Wielding a narrow body of approximately 82 to 88 inches the bus can reach more clientele. These buses can access and navigate more roads and destinations than their larger counterparts.

They are also comfortable. When transporting clientele it is important every passenger feels comfortable. By having a two-sided seating arrangement – as opposed to a bench – allowing passengers to choose where they want to sit. Passengers won’t need to climb or scramble over each other when they exit. minibus-municipalities

Safer Than a 15 Passenger Van

A minibus is not a typical van designed to haul and carry cargo. Relying on vans as a passenger transport service comes with fatal risks, such as rollover, due to uneven weight distribution. Each bus is designed to carry passengers and their luggage. Their stance and suspension engineered for safety, with the center aisle distributing the weight of passengers. These design choices cause a significant decrease in the risk of fatal roll over.

Reduces Traffic and Parking Space Congestion

Rather than add to the vehicle count a minibus can provide enough space for up to 15 people. This means 15 vehicles less on the street and in parking spaces. These vehicles reduce traffic volume. With fewer cars on the road, streets become more accessible, destinations are quicker to reach, and city air will be much more clean.

Time-pressed passengers rushing to work enjoy less traffic on the street. Passengers will be able to get to their destinations on time without being late to work or missing a flight. And, for the people who decide to drive to work, they’ll be able to find a parking space in less time due to reduced vehicle presence.

Wheelchair Accessible

Always consider reaching out to clients that may need extra services, such as wheelchair accessibility. In fact, it is always recommended to select a vehicle equipped with a wheelchair lift when providing municipal transportation. This will broaden clientele options and make many customers happy.

Environmentally Friendly

The fuel of choice can be gasoline, compressed natural gas, or diesel. Consider the environmental benefits of removing over a dozen cars from the roads, and the positive impacts on city health. It means less pollution and cleaner air. While environmentally safer fuel choices are available, the fact that there are fewer vehicles on the road emitting carbon gases is already a green step in the right direction.

Using minibuses for municipalities as an alternative means of passenger transportation is a great choice. These eco-friendly vehicles are a great way to carry passengers and time-crunched clientele to their destinations. They save parking space, reduce Co2 emissions, and cut down on traffic congestion.