Purchase a New Bus from CBS to Increase Your Transportation Uptime

Model 1 | June 3, 2015

As drivers, owners, and owner-operators know, every penny and every minute counts. If you’re waiting on a part, shut down at a repair shop, or under-performing up a mountain, you are losing money! Old, outdated, and tired equipment could be costing you more than you ever realized. At Creative Bus Sales, new buses with advanced technology, improved design (like buses that seat between 7 and 70 passengers, are equipped with wheelchair lifts, luggage racks, and rear luggage storage), and improved motors that boast better fuel economy and alternative fuel options, will keep you moving more passengers, and making more money.

However, there are some important factors to consider when making a new bus purchase:

  • Robust support footprint: In order to increase your uptime, you need on-site service capabilities, parts and warranty from fleet service contracts for routine maintenance work, preventative maintenance inspections, preventative maintenance services, CHP inspections, warranty repairs, CNG fuel system inspections, and cylinder inspections. Keeping your equipment running as efficiently and effectively as possible is essential to your operations success. Our Specialized technicians, and trained professionals, will keep your bus out of the shop, and on the road.
  • Better Fuel Efficiency: The better mileage you get, the less fuel you need, and the fewer stops you have to make. After a million miles, you know how much every little stop is really costing you. Not only are you stopping less, you are spending less as well.
  • Increased Driver Satisfaction: It’s without a doubt that happier drivers make for more productive and loyal employees. Drivers with more comfortable vehicles feel better and more alert during the day, resulting in safer drivers.
  • Increased Driver & Bus Safety: Safer drivers and safer trucks result in fewer accidents; therefore keeping drivers behind the wheel as long as possible, keeping their vehicles moving down the road, and keeping them all out of the shop.

A day in the shop can cost you hundreds in lost revenue, high monthly fuel bills can add up to thousands of dollars per year, and high turn over rates will lead to costly training hours. At Creative Bus Sales you will find buses that will increase resident and client satisfaction, lower monthly bills, increase revenue, and improve driver safety and satisfaction as well.