Safety Checks for Your Luxury Tour Bus: Part 2

Model 1 | October 21, 2014

Safety Checks for Your Luxury Tour Bus: Part 2

Keeping tour bus equipment safe and maintained is important to ensure the safety of passengers and drivers. Part one of safety checks for luxury tour bus inspections involves performing general exterior and mechanical checks. Part two will take a look at interior and in transit safety precautions.


There are several areas that must be checked inside the bus. Many injuries caused to passengers can be prevented with the following guidelines.

  •   Test passenger and driver seatbelts for proper function
  •   Inspect seats for tears, holes, or lose material. Tears can release seat cushion or metal materials.
  •   Inspect walkways for loose flooring.
  •   Ensure emergency exits are clear.

Before Transit

  •   Educate drivers on proper emergency exit locations and procedures.
  •   Educate passengers on safety procedures. Let them know the importance of staying seated while the vehicle is in motion.
  •   Secure bulky luggage and fragile items.

Following the safety checks outlined in parts one and two can increase the likelihood that luxury tour bus passengers will be kept safe during their trip. It is still important to schedule maintenance and service appointments to keep buses running in smooth condition.