Think Twice! the Worst Advice About Used Bus Sales

Model 1 | August 30, 2014

Think Twice! the Worst Advice About Used Bus Sales

Buying a bus for your church, school, or organization is a great investment. A bus tremendously increases the opportunities you can offer to your customers and patrons. Plus owning your own bus saves you money compared to chartering or renting long term. However, if you aren’t careful, you can fall victim to the worst advice about used bus sales. Avoid these suggestions so you can enjoy your bus owning experience.

Just Check Craigslist

You may have heard that you can save time and money by skipping the professional sales team and just keeping an eye on craigslist. While craigslist may be a great place to find local garage sales, it cannot offer you the safety and security of a professional dealership. Buses sold by dealerships have been inspected by mechanics. Any major repairs or cosmetic issues have been repaired. If you buy a lemon via the Internet you may lose money in the long run.

Dealerships can also offer you a much greater variety than what might happen to be available in your local classifieds. You don’t want to buy a bus that won’t fit your organization’s needs. You want a bus that is the right size, with the right amount of storage and has the specific features you are looking for.

You Can Get a Great Deal at an Auction

Perhaps someone told you about a great deal he or she found at a local used vehicle auction.  While it’s true that people occasionally walk away from auctions with extra money in their pockets, the opposite can also be true. It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of an auction and end up spending more than you planned. Plus, it is very difficult to be certain of the mechanical integrity of a large bus purchased at an auction. All the savings in the world won’t amount to much, if your bus transmission is faulty. Set a budget and stick with it, by purchasing a bus from a trusted dealership.

Buy Cheap and Fix It

With all the amazing makeover television shows that turn junk into something incredible, its easy to think you might be able to save money if you buy an old, rundown bus and fix it up yourself.  Unfortunately, bus parts can be much more expensive than regular vehicle parts. Depending on the age of your purchase, it could be difficult to find the correct parts. Your do-it-yourself project can quickly become much more expensive than previously thought. You could spend a lot of money renovating a bus yourself, just to have it fail state safety inspections.  Plus some problems, like rust, just can’t be fixed. The time, money and headaches associated with fixing up a broken bus just aren’t worth it compared to the dependability offered by a new, or well-maintained used bus.

Protect the investment you put into purchasing a bus for your organization by avoiding foolish advice. Want some great advice? Research your bus purchase, decide in advance what features you need, set a budget, and talk to a professional sales team.