Top Travel Tips for Halloween

Model 1 | October 27, 2015

Top Travel Tips for Halloween

Halloween is an exciting holiday. Children get to dress as their favorite characters and receive candy from multiple people. Adults get to dress up and attend yearly parties. Halloween also brings dangers. There are several precautions parents, drivers and trick-or-treaters should take.


Parents should always take precautions during Halloween night. You should educate and plan with your children, so they are prepared for the night. Below, are some tips for parents.

  • Parents should always travel with children under 12. If you are not able to, find an older child to assist.
  • Plan a route for your children to follow. In addition, tell your children to not leave the planned route.
  • Educate your child on avoiding houses that do not have adequate lighting.
  • Have a set time for your children to be home.
  • Go over safety for crossing streets.
  • Children should not open candy until returning home.


Drivers should be extremely cautious on Halloween. With so many younger children, it is imperative to drive defensively. See several tips below.

  • AAA recommends drivers to drive at least 5 mph below the posted speed limit to give yourself extra time to react to children who may dart across the street.
  • Always look for children at crosswalks, intersections, street and driveways.
  • Keep headlights on even during hours of light.


There are several safety tips for children who participate in the festivities.

  • Always carry a flashlight, but avoid shining directly at drivers.
  • If there are no sidewalks always walk against traffic.
  • It is safer to walk in groups.
  • Look both ways when crossing traffic or moving between vehicles.
  • Always communicate with your parents where you are going.

The above are great tips to prepare for Halloween. There are several other options for traveling during this night. For more information on buses and vehicles, contact us.