Used Church Buses: Floorplans You Didn’t Consider

Model 1 | May 12, 2014

Used Church Buses: Floorplans You Didn't Consider

Looking for a used church bus can be a hassle. It may seem at first glance that there aren’t many flexible options for those looking to get a bus for their child ministry, or Sunday service transportation. While it may be tempting to ask a salesperson for a standard bus configuration, consider some of the other options that may be available from some unlikely sources.

Airport Bus Layouts

No matter if you end up purchasing a new or used bus, airport layouts can be great option for church ministry. It is common for airport transfer companies to purchase a U-shaped layout; with an unobstructed center aisle and all seat backs aligned toward the walls of the bus.

The U-shaped floorplan allows for greater visibility and maneuverability for all students inside the vehicle space. Younger children and adults can easily navigate to their seats, especially the disabled or very young. Being able to see all the children in a bus also has its advantages when it comes time to get them all to listen. An open floor plan can also allow for better movement if you want to do teaching on the go.

Used School Buses or MFSAB Buses

A used school bus or MFSAB bus can be great options for a children’s ministry or for use during those Vacation Bible Study months. Many children are already used to riding in the buses and will be familiar with loading and unloading. Of course, the familiarity is never a bad idea when dealing with an active adolescent group.

However, keep in mind that school bus style seating may not be the most desirable seating accommodations for adults. If you plan to use your bus for dual purposes, consider that many adults may find the ride undesirable or uncomfortable.

Used Transit Buses

While this may be a bit unconventional, a used transit bus may be the perfect fit for a church bus. The layout of the bus will be roomy with ample in bus space for children’s backpacks or supplies for a local event. Since it is a transit bus, it will have a most likely already be outfit with a low-floor wheelchair ramp. The ramp is easy to operate and accessible by the majority of passengers, including those who need wheelchair accessibility.

Keep in mind a transit bus would best be used as an in-town bus, mainly used for transportation to and from Sunday services. The layout doesn’t lend itself well to long journeys.

When looking through the inventory for your next used church bus, be open to the various layouts available. Don’t discount one simply because it isn’t in the traditional bus style. Think innovatively and you’ll be sure to find the perfect layout for your ministry.