What to Look for in a Wheelchair Accessible Bus Dealership

Model 1 | November 22, 2014

What to Look for in a Wheelchair Accessible Bus Dealership

When you are looking for a wheelchair accessible bus dealership there are certain qualities that you should not look over. Purchasing a bus that is accessible for all is a daunting task for sure. You want to make sure your customers are happy, as well as that your finances are not ignored. Don’t forget about the care your bus will need to have once it has been on the road. As you explore your options, it’s helpful to consider the following points. Knowing what to look for in a wheelchair accessible bus dealership makes the entire buying process much easier

Experienced Sales Personal

One of the most significant items to look for is the number of years the dealership has been in business. It’s much less likely that a newly formed company is going to be able to give you the experienced opinion of a seasoned professional. There are a bevy of buses available and the choices can become overwhelming, especially when looking for a wheelchair option. You want a company that knows the core business just as well as the specialized channels. Years of sales experience means a professional has dug deep into their field and will know exactly what to recommend for your particular needs.

Expansive Configuration Options

This leads us to the next qualification to look for in a dealership – variety. Only a dealership with an offering a variety of buses can best service your specific lift and ramp needs. Experienced salespersons will know the benefits and hindrances of the lift versus ramp argument, guiding you in to the best possible solution for your company. There are many configurations for each sector of the bus market, giving you extensive variations to choose from when selecting the perfect vehicle.


Alternative Fuel Availability

An additional option buyers often consider is a green bus. Options such as compressed natural gas (CNG), propane or bi-fuel can be great for the environmentally concerned driver. As an added bonus, alternatively fueled vehicles can provide a boost the wallet with reduced fuel costs and less overall maintenance requirements. Since converting and maintaining such a vehicle is no small task, you’ll want to partner with a bus dealership with expertise in the alternative fuels arena.

Flexible Finance

Buses are a big-ticket item and unless you’re rolling in the dough, the chances are financing will be a requirement during purchase. The easiest way to finance your purchase is to consult in house with the dealership. Choosing in house finance means you’ll be offered the best rate available as the dealership has a long-standing relationship with the banks. Buying outright with a traditional vehicle loan may not be optimal for your situation, or you may have specific budget requirements. It’s worth it to consult with a professional right there at the dealership. This puts less pressure on your to sift through your options at home.

Comprehensive Service

Business is about building and maintaining relationships. After the sale, it is ideal to also have a dealer that can provide outstanding service. Finding a reliable service team is important for a couple reasons; you know your bus will be well cared for and any reoccurring issues will be dealt with. If between purchase and service you need to move, it’s important to look for a dealer that offers locations across the nation.


Now that you’ve considered all your options it’s important to take the time and look for your perfect wheelchair accessible bus dealership. If you’re ready to talk configurations, finance and more we’re ready to help. Contact us and we can start a dialog about your busing needs.