Why The Starcraft Xpress Executive MiniBus Is Great For Upscale Clients

Model 1 | August 9, 2014

Why The Starcraft Xpress Executive MiniBus Is Great For Upscale Clients

When catering to the executive marketplace, touring companies must be able to offer a travel experience that exceeds any other offered by other companies within their region. This means they must work with trusted vendors offering the latest minibuses featuring sleek aesthetics and exceptional comfort ratings. The team at Creative Bus Sales offers an exceptional range of executive minibus options. In this blog, we’ll go over the various performance benefits of the Starcraft Xpress Executive Bus.

Executive-Style Seating

For the business leader on the go, the Berkshire seating offered within the Starcraft Xpress Executive bus affords the highest levels of both luxury and style. Passengers can rest comfortably during their journey as the seating provides the ability to recline and relax. And due to the open-style seating arrangement of the vehicle, each passenger is given a large amount of room to stretch for those trips to and from the hotel and conference center.

Wide-Entry Electric Door for Accessibility

The team at Starcraft has built the Xpress for all modern requirements. The vehicle features an exceptionally wide electric door to provide fast accessibility to those in wheelchairs. With two on-board seats designated for wheelchair users, this modern vehicle ensure all team-members are able to travel in the highest of style and comfort to their next business meeting.

Making a positive first impression means everything in business. Choose the Starcraft Xpress mini bus now available through Creative Bus Sales to see the difference style can make to your company’s work.