Ford E-Transit Cargo – HVAC Package

Josef Milton | September 22, 2023

The Ford E-Transit Cargo van is a Ford OEM fully-electric version of the popular Ford Transit platform. This van has all the cargo capacity and versatility of the original Transit, while also providing low-noise and zero-emission operation. The E-Transit offers an efficient solution for any organization or business to transport cargo or tools. These vans can be configured with many additional options including interior shelving packages, ladder racks, folding rear ramps, and LED lighting. The Ford E-Transit Cargo van is ideal for the following industries: General Contractors, Electricians, HVAC Technicians, Plumbers, Last Mile Package Delivery, Scooter / eBike Retrieval, Maintenance workers, etc.Learn more about the Ford E-Transit Cargo and package options: Ford E-Transit Cargo

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