3 Essentials for a Bus Dealership Checklist

Model 1 | September 20, 2014

3 Essentials for a Bus Dealership Checklist

Whether you’re looking for a tour bus, mini bus, school bus, or shuttle bus there are certain qualities to look for when selecting a bus dealership. Purchasing a large bus, or a whole fleet of buses is a daunting task for sure. But, when you know what to look for in a dealership it makes the entire process much easier.

Shopping for a bus can be daunting. Seat requirements, ADA needs, fueling options, and so much more can quickly add to up to a complicated recipe for bus shopping. Before a buyer can get close to deciding on their final purchase, they must get in contact with a dealership that can provide the service they need. Here’s a quick list to help get you started:

  • Age of bus dealership
  • Variety of inventory
  • Ease of financing capabilities

Experience Matters

Businesses that have been operating for a number of years have the experience needed under their belt to help customers. The same holds true for the vehicle market as well. Salespersons that have been in the bus business for a number of years know how to find the bus best suited for each customer. A good salesperson can take a broad wish list and apply it to the specifics that really matter in a vehicle.

Manufacturer Count

You may be surprised to know there are numerous manufacturers within the bus market. (We have 22 of the top manufacturers, but that is only a fraction of the total.) You’ll want to find a dealership that strikes the right balance. Too few and your choices will be slim; too many and you’ll have no idea where to start the search.

A dealership with a dependable selection of buses will offer the configurations needed. Choosing a dealership with a variety of bus models available means the customer can find their perfect match.

Finance with Ease

Bus purchases are a big financial decision. Choosing the right payment structure, loan or own time can all play into what you end up spending on the bus. The best way to choose financing is to do it in house. This means you salesperson will be able to work more closely with your purchase and budget; a comprehensive situation that it great for all involved.

To get in touch with a dealership that fits all the above criterion and who is ready to help with all your bus sales needs, contact us and we can start a dialog about your busing needs.