Best Options to Expand a Touring Bus Fleet

Model 1 | September 16, 2014

Best Options to Expand a Touring Bus Fleet

As the last few months of the year begin, fleets analyze their current line and think about modifications. During this time it’s important for business owners and tour bus operators to contemplate what worked and what didn’t work throughout the year. An efficient fleet is the backbone to any transportation service. It’s natural to agree some changes may involve updating the existing fleet. In this post, we’ll also draw attention to a few units offered from Creative as well.

There exist a multitude of reasons a fleet may need to upgrade or change their current vehicle lineup. Some of these reasons could be the following:

  • Expanded passenger seating
  • Increased luggage demands
  • Upscale client demands

Having one too few seats on a tour bus can be difference between a booked group and one that is not. As business grows, fleet operator need to be mindful of their current capacity and the groups they want to accommodate in the future.

If a fleet’s passenger count remains steady, perhaps their luggage requirements have doubled in the past few months. Whatever the reason for increased storage capacity, it’s important that fleet accommodate their passengers. One would hate to turn away a customer because they had one too many bags with them.

Every passenger deserves to travel in comfort and style. Luckily, most bus manufacturers have taken this idea and expanded product offerings for each budget level. However, customers demand to be treated with priority seating amenities and entertainment en route to their destination.

These are just a few of the problems a fleet can detect when reviewing their year. It’s important to update accordingly. Below are a couple recommendations, available and in stock, for fleets looking to expand their current offerings.

Available Stock

The 2014 Starcraft XLT is the largest bus now available through the manufacturer. 102” wide, it’s a vehicle designed to provide room for 44 passengers as well as their cargo – making the vehicle the ideal choice for organizations planning long-haul trips in the coming months. It’s a vehicle built to the highest of modern comfort standards, and features safety glass windows with climate control tint for the ultimate in environmental protection for passengers. Certain in stock units

The ultimate vehicle for stylish performance, the 2014 Federal Coach Spirit DD 27 is considered the requisite choice for those catering to professionals and businesspeople through their transit services. Featuring curved aesthetics and large blackout windows, the Federal Coach bus also comes replete with a corrosion proof fiberglass body to offer lasting performance and high caliber branding potential for all transit operators. Suitable for any fleet looking for an upscale option, the Federal is perfect for transporting executive limo clients. Available in black or white, you can find the perfect option to integrate into your fleet.

Without a commitment their customers, fleets would be hard pressed to find regular riders. Expanding a tour bus fleet when needed can prove to be a great benefit that will show for years to come.