6 Things to Avoid Doing While on the Bus

Model 1 | February 2, 2017

6 Things to Avoid Doing While on the Bus

6 Things to Avoid Doing While on a Transit Bus or Public Transportation

Using public transportation can be challenging at the best of times. Large crowds and long waits, which can be reduced by investing in additional transit buses for sale, are often made worse when riders break these unspoken rules of public transportation.

Creative Bus Sales outlines six simple public transportation rules you should be mindful of.

  1. Hogging Space

Space is often at a premium, particularly during rush hour, with each seat and hand hold occupied. There are always those who feel the need to spread out while on public transportation, however, avoid taking up extra seating to ensure seating and elbow room for others.


  1. Blocking the Window Seats

This goes hand in hand with hogging prime space. While it may not be a problem to occupy the aisle seat during slow travel times, it does prevent others from enjoying the view while they ride the bus. Blocking the window seat from others to use can also cause problems and potential delays during rush hour.

  1. Listening to Loud Music

Listening to music is a great way to pass the time while riding public transportation. However, when the volume is too loud, the music becomes more of a nuisance than an enjoyment. Not to mention that other passengers on the bus may not appreciate the vulgar or obscene content.

  1. Waving Your Bags Around

Who hasn’t had at least one purse or shopping bag whack them on the back of the head while riding public transportation? It’s annoying and can be downright painful. While it’s understandable to accidently hit a fellow passenger, apologize and tuck your bag closer to you.

  1. Being a Chatter Box

There are social butterflies and then there is the rest of the public. The majority of people want nothing more than to ride home in peace, while a select few love striking up conversations with new people. The key is to know who to chat up and who to let be.

  1. Standing in the Wrong Areas

Many transit buses for sale have areas within them that need to remain clear at all times, particularly by the doors, exits, and towards the front of the bus. This can prevent others from loading and unloading properly, cause passengers to miss their stop, and delay the bus in general.

Using public transportation shouldn’t be a horrible experience.

Following these simple rules will help reduce travel frustrations. To learn more about transit buses for sale, contact Creative Bus Sales today.