7 Ways to Revamp Your Bus

Model 1 | March 5, 2014

7 Ways to Revamp Your Bus

From a seasoned professional to a new bus owner, these days there are virtually unlimited upgrades to consider when you want to revamp your bus. Not all bus owners are ready to purchase a new bus, but may want to consider modifying their existing unit to gain a few more years on the road. Just a few changes can make your passengers more comfortable and make traveling on your bus as enjoyable as arriving at their destination.

ADA Accessibility Equipment

It is important to considered disabled access when purchasing bus upgrades. Wheel chair lifts and ramps can make it much easier for everyone to use and enjoy your bus. While this is a large undertaking, the number of passengers will increase thanks to the modifications.

Bike Racks

Many passengers like to take their bikes along for the ride. Doing so means they can easily continue their journey or explore the local parks and trails in the area after disembarking. Adding bicycle racks will enable easy and safe transport of equipment for avid riders and commuters alike for up to 3 bikes.

Reading Lights

Reading lights can be a welcome addition to any bus. They not only allow passengers to relax with a good book, they also help passengers locate items during longer night rides when light is limited within the bus.

Climate Control

All buses will typically come standard with heating and air conditioning, but heavy-duty use can cause them to underperform. Upgrading the heating or cooling system in your bus can help passengers remain comfortable no matter the time of year.

TV Screens

On long trips, passengers like to have outside entertainment available. TV screens can be installed so passengers can enjoy a movies and TV shows while in transit. Screens can also display pertinent bus safety information and areas of interest located at and around the destination area.


Graphics, or vehicle wraps, are a great way to personalize your bus or give it a fresh look. Whether your bus is used for transporting members of your church or patrons of your resort, make your transportation services memorable using customized, recognizable graphics. They can easily be installed while your bus is already undergoing standard maintenance; ensuring out-of-service time isn’t too great.

Alternative Fuels Conversion

Converting your bus to propane or CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), can save you a bundle at the pump. Natural gas is currently costs 47% less than gasoline and 59% less than diesel. Recently, the EPA has stated that alternatively fueled vehicles reduce green house emissions up to 30%. That’s a huge reduction in your bus or bus fleet’s carbon footprint. In addition, statistics have shown that not only do alternative fuels save you on fill ups, they have also reduced maintenance costs significantly for fleet bus owners.

It is important to consider there are many different small and large bus additions that can make a difference in passenger satisfaction and comfort. Remember, the above list only contains a portion of changes you can make, be sure to consult with a professional to learn more about upgrading and customizing your bus for additional options.

If you are considering upgrading your existing equipment, we can help determine a timeline and work within your budget. Feel free to contact us and we’ll get you in touch with a service or parts professional that can help.