February Bus Industry News

Model 1 | February 28, 2014

February Bus Industry News

January was off to a relatively quiet start for the bus industry. Sometimes, no news is good news as the year starts and this year it seemed companies within limo bus sales were using the month to prepare. However, there were some big changes during the month of February for the bus industry, specifically the

limo bus sales market. With two of the largest shows in the market, United Motorcoach Association in Los Angeles and Limousine, Charter, and Tour in Las Vegas, there were some big announcements and unveilings. Some companies got a new look, while others got a new production schedule.

Krystal and Federal Coach Brand Update

Krystal and Federal Coach have been around for nearly three decades offering some of the best luxury and limo buses on the market. It made sense that they would need to update to match their look with luxury brands of the present. New ownership wanted to reveal a new brand that reflected a commitment to high-end quality, inside and out.

Of course, Krystal and Federal also looked to the interior as they looked to recreate the building process to create more efficiency and a better built bus. ElDorado National, owner of the brands, brought production back to the United States to improve overall quality and serviceability for customers. Locking mechanisms, electrical, and FMVSS compliance were all revamped. Customer service was also rebuilt with new part support and electrical schematics. Overall, there were some great changes made to the buses.

Be sure to check out the Krystal and Federal Coach websites to see their complete new look.

In addition, El Dorado Kansas presented some new brochures to update their brand and match the integrity of the El Dorado California brand. Those will be available soon via our website.

Meridian Tourismo

Earlier this year we were proud to announce a new addition to our robust manufacture lineup, the Meridian Sprinter Van, as well as being one of the first dealers to sell the vehicle. Built on a Mercedes chassis and retrofit internally for the discerning rider, the Meridian was welcome in the luxury bus lineup.

Unveiled at the UMA and LCT tradeshows, two of the largest shows for the luxury market, was the Sprinter-based Tourismo. With a standard 6-foot interior ceiling and only a 24-foot overall length as well a variety of amenities, the Tourismo proved to be a big hit. To read the official release, click here to view the release on Meridian’s website.

MV-1 Began Production 

The VPG MV-1 was a very popular vehicle when it was introduced around 2010. The company was able to introduce a well-built and safe wheelchair accessible van for less than $40,000, when a typical retrofit could cost upwards of $50,000. The ramp was also less steep than a typical van, making entry and exit easier for passengers.

In spring of 2013 VPG halted production and it became unclear if or when the MV-1 would be back. Fortunately, AM General, a builder for Humvees and military vehicles decided to begin production again on the specially designed van in September of 2013. This month, it was announced that the vehicles were officially in production with delivery to dealers occurring in March.

Mobility Ventures also announced the inaugural list of 50 dealers across the United States, something we are proud to continue to be a part of. For more information on our current stock of MV-1 vehicles, contact us or take a look at our current MV-1 inventory.

As we trundle into March, let’s hope there is some more exciting news for the bus industry and limo bus salesas companies continue to expand and make great changes. To stay current on our news, be sure check out FacebookTwitter, and Instagram feeds for the latest information.