A Few Simple Luxury Tour Bus Cleaning Hints

Model 1 | October 28, 2014

A Few Simple Luxury Tour Bus Cleaning Hints

A luxury tour bus is expected to be just that, a luxury item and an experience. When passengers enter the vehicle they expect to be greeted by plush seating and an immaculate interior. Without that a customers experience can be skewed from the beginning. By cleaning the bus between trips, it helps to ensure guests are given top experience every time. To help, the guide on luxury tour bus cleaning offers a few tips and tricks to make sure customers get what they expect.

 Spot Big Trash Items

The first, and easiest step is to clean all visible trash items. Grab a large bag and collect cups, napkins, lint, and other debris left behind by passengers and drivers. It is important to check under seats and between seat cushions as well. Once the trash is removed, it’s easier to see the scope of the cleaning that needs to be accomplished.

Need Title

Grab a microfiber cloth to clean all hard surfaces. Beverage areas, driver controls, and handrails must be wiped to remove drink residue and dust. Invest in a spray, hard surface cleaner to remove hard to treat spills and to remove germs.

Luggage Rack Cleaning

If present in the bus, take a look through each luggage area. Check that no passengers have left something, and make sure no dirt has piled up. Either run a handheld vacuum through or wipe with a damp cloth. Passengers will appreciate the attention to detail.

Windows to Walls

Windows will gather fingerprint smudges over time. A good glass cleaner can remove any residue blocking a passenger’s view. For driver safety, wipe down the inside of the windshield and mirrors. It is a good idea to check the owner’s manual too; some windows have special cleaning instructions.

Most walls won’t need a regular cleaning. Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to wipe down or vacuum the walls to keep the bus looking like new.

Sit Down Clean

Next up, the seats will need a good cleaning. It is important that stains and other spills are addresses as soon as possible. The longer a stain sets, the harder it will be to clean. Since it is not always possible for swap out seat fabric due to budget constraints, drivers must keep an eye out for mishaps on the road. Keep a rag and cleaning solution at hand in the bus or spills on the road.

For general bus cleaning, wipe down all seats with a damp rag or vacuum them to find any loose crumbs. Pretreat stains accordingly to remove them or diminish their appearance. A little maintenance is all it takes to keep seats looking like new. 

Take the Floor

Sweep, mop, or vacuum the floors starting at the rear of the bus moving forward. Any debris the cleaning process has left behind should be picked up at this point. Seems should be given special attention, such as where the floors and walls meet as well as around the doors.

Driver Area Scan

Last, but not least, perform a quick inspection of the driver’s area. For most bus passengers, the driver area is the first impression. Check again to make sure trash is removed and all controls are clean. Make sure important items are stored out of sight in the glove compartment. Taking that final step to clean the driver’s area could mean a big difference for passenger inspection.

Guests riding in a luxury tour bus will be spending a great deal of time interacting with the space. Passengers will notice if the vehicle is clean or not. It’s important to take small steps during each clean to prevent the buildup of dust, trash, and stains. It can surprise some how simple it can be for bus to harbor dirt. Taking the simple cleaning steps outlined can help increase the longevity of a luxury tour bus.