The Essentials of Transit Buses for Sale

Model 1 | November 4, 2014

The Essentials of Transit Buses for Sale

Service passenger buses have undergone significant changes throughout the decades. Transit buses for sale today offer many driver and passenger amenities to fit demanding schedules. The vehicles are equipped to handle years of wear and tear for most any situation.

Transit authorities are sensitive to the needs of the population. Disabled passengers, seniors with enhanced mobility needs, and even bicycle riders all have different ideas of the perfect transit bus. Though the needs should be considered, it is important to make sure the structure is sound. A usable bus will have these options or be equipped with the following:

  • Available in various lengths – 35’ and 40’ are common
  • Tall ceilings and wide aisles to accommodate standing passengers
  • Dual doors for efficient entry and exit
  • Seating to allow for high traffic routes
  • Able to give access for passengers with disabilities
  • Grab rails and stanchions throughout

With the general structure in place, it becomes much easier to add necessary features. Much of the options available on xes for sale will depend on the passengers, and budgets. Most additions have been in place for years, and will be included no matter the route. The following is only a small sample of what is available to customers.

  • Destination signage for exterior, and perhaps interior, of the bus
  • Luggage racks for large passenger luggage
  • Electronic call-out system
  • Fare boxes at entrance
  • Bicycle mounts at front of bus

Bus additions not a part of the original build are usually much simpler to add than structural change. If it is decided that a few extra grab rails are needed, they may be able to be installed months after operations begin. However, it is essential to think of all possible scenarios to prepare the bus properly for passengers and drivers. Reduction in driver distraction is key.

One more addition transit agencies are considering in increasing numbers is alternative fuels. The responsible organizations that purchase and deploy transit buses are making increasing efforts to reduce air pollution while operating efficient and economical vehicles. Also, the conversion will often be able to save considerable amounts on fuel and maintenance. Compressed natural gas, and hybrid electric are the most popular and readily available alternative fuel sources.

There are many options to think about when looking at transit buses for sale. When the time comes, compare and contrast current operations with future goals. Through that process it will be easier to talk to a salesperson concerning the best route to take.