Passenger Bus for Sale: Myths to Debunk

Model 1 | November 8, 2014

Passenger Bus for Sale: Myths to Debunk

For those that have limited experience with the bus sales process, it can be difficult to determine fact from fiction. Some may think the process is similar to buying a personal automobile, while others are certain it is vastly different. For most, the process lies somewhere in the middle. With any major passenger bus for sale, there are misconceptions galore. Before searching for that perfect unit, it helps to debunk a few of the bus buying myths out there.

Not That Expensive

Many wander into the process without first deciding a concrete budget. Though a bus is more expensive to purchase and maintain, some potential buyers think it costs not much more than a car. However, it is not uncommon to spend six figures on a new bus. The lowest accounted for budget should be about twenty thousand dollars for a used bus, and that will often need to be paid before delivery.

Of course, prices very depending on the year, condition, and options of the passenger bus for sale. Perform a preliminary inventory search to gauge the market. Think about options that may have to be added to the existing unit. For exact price information, it is essential to talk to an experienced salesperson.

Large Waste of Energy

Buses used to be thought of as gas-guzzlers, polluting the air and eating funds. The notion of energy wasters has changed dramatically over the years. CNG, propane, and even electric hybrid models have made their mainstream debuts. If a unit is in good shape, an alternative fuels conversion can be installed. The cost of such a task should be accounted for in the purchase price, and can often be financed.

Though initial expenses for a conversion are not cheap, it can be made up for over time with fuel cost savings. The move the bus travels, the more is to be saved.

Not Fit For City Environments

Everyday thousands of buses make their way about city environments. Of course, this doesn’t mean everyone feels favorable about the presence. Mini buses and mid-size bus transportation is increasing in popularity. Holding anywhere from 10 to 30 passengers, specialized transport is seeing increased usage of these models.

Much more able to navigate congested city streets, these smaller units are a great option. Seating passengers comfortably, while allowing for luggage space and wheelchair lifts a mid-size bus is great for accommodating many passenger needs. Depending on buses location, a Commercial Driver’s License may not even be needed.

Potential buyers face a swarm of myths when wanting to find the perfect passenger bus for sale. Once the process begins, myths are often squashed quick. When beginning the search take into consideration the points above to speed up the process.