A Parking Lot Bus Can Help Boost Business for Your Shopping Mall

Model 1 | March 14, 2016

A Parking Lot Bus Can Help Boost Business for Your Shopping Mall

If you are the owner of a shopping mall or are in charge of the marketing for one, one thing that you might have never thought about was purchasing a bus. However, providing easy and safe transportation from the parking area to the main entrance (and other entrances, depending on the size of your shopping mall) can be a smart choice. These are a few reasons why.

Help Those Who Can’t Make the Trek

Some people have physical disabilities that make it difficult for them to make the trek from their cars to the entrance of the mall. Having a bus to help transport customers can make shopping easier for these individuals. It can also make it easier for others, such as those who are bringing their small children along or those who are bringing in something large to return to one of your retailers.

Make Customers Feel Safe

Some customers might be nervous about the parking area, especially at night. Although installing lighting and surveillance cameras can help, providing transportation that takes customers closer to their cars or closer to the entrance can make them feel safer. Plus, the presence of the bus — which will obviously make routes from the parking area to the entrance regularly throughout the day and evening — can also help prevent crimes from occurring in the first place.

As you can see, a parking lot bus can help boost business for your shopping mall. If you’d like to find out more about buying an affordably priced bus for your business, contact us at Creative Bus Sales today.