This Is Why the Quest XL Looks Funny

Model 1 | March 7, 2016

This Is Why the Quest XL Looks Funny

There’s no question that the Quest XL doesn’t look like your average school bus. The front part doesn’t extend as far as the typical school bus’ does and it throws a lot of people off! They call it funny, but in reality it’s very functional. Read on to see why.

The Type

The Quest XL is a type B school bus. It is made to carry over 10,000 pounds and fit more than 10 people. Type B buses hold the engines beneath the windshield and beside the driver’s seat. This setup is quite different than the other types of school buses that usually hold the engine in the front. 

The Chassis

A vehicle’s chassis is its metal structure that holds all of the parts in place. It is like the skeleton of the vehicle. A type B school bus is built on a strip chassis, which contributes to the engine’s location.

The Quest XL is the first type B school bus to be built on a Ford chassis. It is built on the Ford F59 chassis is often used for trucks, panel vans, RVs, and commercial buses. Many UPS and FedEx delivery trucks are built on the same chassis.  The comparison between the Quest XL and delivery trucks is unmistakable. Rather than driving a heavy and clunky school bus, drivers can now enjoy the streamline, nimble experience that is the Quest XL. 

The Windshield

The windshield of the Quest XL is angled on the sides to minimize the driver’s blind spot by allowing a maximized peripheral vision. The space between the windshield and the driver’s side window is a mere few inches. Between the expanded windshield space and the short front carriage, the driver has an increased view of the road below him, the sky above him, and everything else around him.

Other Specifications

The Quest XL’s structure allows for multiple configurations. Currently, the Quest XL can be upfitted with normal gas or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). The fuel options for propane or electric-powered are to be premiered very soon.

The Quest XL even offers two seating arrangements. The first is a standard arrangement with 47 seats. The second is 41 seats with a wheelchair lock-in position and a wheelchair lift in the back. Every seat is equipped with lap seat belts, which is a standard set by the manufacturer.

The Starcraft Quest XL is revolutionizing the school bus model. As the first of its kind, the Quest XL offers more versatility, maneuverable, and accessibility than any other school bus. And that’s no laughing matter!

Creative Bus Sales is partnering with Motiv Power Systems to create an all-electric Quest XL school bus. If you’re looking for a school bus, contact us to discuss your options!