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Model 1 | February 16, 2016

Convert Your Fleet to Propane | Green Alternative Systems

Elkhart, Indiana – February, 2016 – The popularity of fleet propane conversion throughout 2014 and 2015 prompted Green Alternative Systems to invest a considerable sum of money to increase their conversion capacity. Green Alternative Systems currently operates a dozen facilities in the United States and the newest service center in Chicago is scheduled to come online in 2016.

Green Alternative Systems is currently the largest provider for fleet propane conversion and compressed natural gas conversion in the United States. Green Alternative Systems converts thousands of vehicles every year in a process that saves fleet managers time and money. The nation-wide network of service facilities ensures fleet managers have ready access to the services needed when their vehicles are on the road.

As gas prices continue to fall, fleet managers still look to alternative fuel conversions (especially schools and city governments). Communities concerned about the environment are pushing their local fleets to adapt to alternative fuels and the number of annual conversions has set new highs for each of the last five years.

An increase in capacity for fleet propane conversion is great news for large fleet managers in the market for a conversion. Higher capacity allows Green Alternative Systems to process more vehicles at once, drastically reducing the amount of time fleet vehicles are off the road. The Chicago service center will compliment the existing Elkhart facility and bring more conversion and maintenance bays to the Midwest region.

About Green Alternative Systems

Green Alternative Systems is a highly lauded Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier and one of the few fleet propane conversion companies who successfully completed the Altoona Federal Bus Testing Program. Green Alternative Systems adheres to both high industry standards and high internal quality controls that continue to bring third party recognition for their work. With almost a decade as the industry benchmark for alternative fuels, Green Alternative Systems will continue to expand in the years to come.

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