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Model 1 | May 4, 2016

Alternative Fuel Options | CNG | Green Alternative Systems

Green Alternative Systems Announces Expansion into CNG and Alternative Fuel Options 

Alternative fuel options are more popular than ever, both with the federal government and consumers. Green Alternative Systems is a leader in alternative fuel options and fleet conversions and are pleased to announce an expansion of their conversion offerings.

Propane conversions have long been the go-to choice for fleet managers looking for alternative fuel options. The large number of propane stations, low cost compared to gasoline, and lower emissions drove fleets to adopt propane in large numbers.

A recent movement towards compressed natural gas (CNG) is changing the complexion of alternative fuel options. CNG is both cheaper and more environmentally friendly than propane, leading fleet managers to reconsider CNG conversions.

The problem for fleet managers was finding companies certified to complete CNG system installations. Replacing the original fuel system with a CNG conversion is a delicate process. Auto manufacturers, like Ford, have been slow to give their blessing or certification to third-party installers.

For years Green Alternative Systems has been recognized as a Ford Quality Vehicle Manufacturer installer, the highest honor they bestow on third-party companies. Green Alternative Systems consistently demonstrates excellence in installing Ford’s CNG systems, including the rare Ford E-450 6.8L conversion.

Each vehicle undergoes an extensive evaluation procedure before and after a conversion. The process begins with an inspection of the existing system, paying special attention to the layout and design of the fuel system. Technicians then remove the original system and replace it with the new CNG system. After installation, Green Alternative Systems examines all cylinders and fuel lines for optimal efficiency and performance, ending their conversion with diagnostic tests for the entire system.

About Green Alternative Systems

Green Alternative Systems is a trendsetter for fleet conversions and hold themselves to the highest standards in the industry. Their commitment to excellence and adoption of new products will help Green Alternative Systems maintain its place in the market.

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