Are Mini Buses for Sale or 15-Passenger Vans the Best Purchase?

Model 1 | August 9, 2017

Are Mini Buses for Sale or 15-Passenger Vans the Best Purchase?

Are Mini Buses for Sale or 15-Passenger Vans the Best Purchase?

There has long been a debate between whether the 15-passenger van or the mini bus  is the best option to safely and comfortably transport up to 16 people. Here at Creative Bus Sales, we’d like to help end this debate using the four most important features: safety, comfort, capacity, and customization options.


Every day nearly 100 lives are lost due to motor vehicle accidents, making safety the number one most important feature. Most mini buses for sale come standard with the latest in safety features, including reinforced roll cages. In fact, they are designed with passenger safety in mind. Depending on the model, a CDL may be required, further improving safety by requiring professional driving.

On the other hand, the passenger van  was originally designed to haul large materials such a construction equipment or lumber. Passenger vans’ design alone creates issues when used to transport a group of people. In fact, the more people within the van, the less safe it becomes. Thus, when it comes to safety, mini buses outperform passenger vans.


Most mini buses for sale today are designed to provide the highest level of comfort. From the easy loading down a center aisle, ample headroom, and ergonomically designed seating, mini buses outshine passenger vans again. In fact, people who are taller find the low roof and cramped seating common in van difficult if not impossible to deal with.


There are two aspects of capacity: hauling and passenger. Again, the mini bus surpasses the passenger van in this area. While the van originated to haul materials, the mini bus focuses on passenger capacity while efficiently utilizing space to store luggage.


Mini buses for sale have a huge selection of optional upgrades and special features that help make the ride more enjoyable and economical. Depending on the model of a mini bus, these

customizable features include:

  • Wheelchair access
  • Higher quality seating
  • Technology additions (DVD, WIFI)
  • Alternative fuel conversions
  • Over six feet of head room

15-passenger vans however, have less room for customization. Often the interior can be upgraded though it will still be cramped, which means passengers will need to duck to clear the roof upon entry and exit.

Over all, mini buses outperform passenger vans particularly with regards to safety, comfort, and customization. To learn more about the benefits of mini buses for sale, please contact Creative Bus Sales today!