Is It Time to Update Your Tour Bus Fleet?

Model 1 | August 18, 2017

Is It Time to Update Your Tour Bus Fleet?

Knowing when to stop putting money into a bus and when to purchase a new bus can be a difficult balance. Buses can be either money makers or money pits for tour companies throughout the United States. Here’s how to tell if you need to update your tour bus fleet this summer.

  •  Current Fleet Status

The biggest telltale sign that it’s time to upgrade is the current condition of your fleet. Older buses or those with visible wear and tear should be replaced with newer models. Also, if you have buses that had more out of order days than days in service it’s a good indicator that you should update your tour bus fleet.

  • High Maintenance Costs

The older your fleet, the higher the maintenance costs, particularly if your models have been discontinued because parts may become difficult to find. If you have noticed that your costs are beginning to rise, it might be worthinvesting in new tour buses.

  • Customer Complaints or Suggestions

In today’s world it has never been easier to get customer feedback. If one of your customers have turned to social media to complain about your equipment or services you should seriously consider how this could damage your reputation. Simply updating your fleet will address these issues and show your customers that they matter.

  •   Desire to Move Towards Greener Fuels or Practices

Many of the buses at Creative Bus Sales are able to be converted to run on cheaper and greener alternative fuels. We even have a sister company that helps us convert buses. Many customers today will opt for green businesses over their non-green competitors simply because of social standards and beliefs.

  • Limited Passenger Capacity

Updating a tour bus fleet may be as simple as buying a new bus to service additional customers. This is particularly beneficial to growing companies who experienced overbooking in the last tour season or had to turn away customers because of a lack of seating.

  • Out-Dated Service Options

Modern technology allows for near constant connection and by updating your fleet you can incorporate these advances into your bus by opting for additional features, such as on-board Wi-Fi capabilities. Adding a new bus to your fleet also allows you to include additional tours and routes to further expand your services.

  •  Employee Comfort Concerns

When it comes to updating a tour bus fleet, driver comfort should be one of your highest priorities. Not only will improving comfort increase employee loyalty, it can also improve safety and customer loyalty as well.

Updating a fleet is a powerful move for many company’s growth and expansion. To learn more about updating your tour bus fleet, please contact the experts at Creative Bus Sales today!