Important Reasons Why Summer Is the Best Time to Search for New Buses for Sale

Model 1 | August 25, 2017

Important Reasons Why Summer Is the Best Time to Search for New Buses for Sale

With summer well underway across the country, older buses are starting to feel the heat. Coming to the realization that you might need an upgrade becomes undeniable when a heat wave hits and your AC is blowing hot air. Here are five important reasons to begin your search for new buses for sale this summer.

Summer Downtime Equals Profit Loss

Due to increased usage and higher temperatures, older buses tend to break down more often in the summer. For businesses that rely on summer travel dollars, this down time can be detrimental. Don’t let a single down day eat into your profits. Search for new buses for sale and prevent these delays before they affect your bottom line.


Record Breaking Heat is a Health and Safety Risk

With temperatures reaching well above 100°F for a good portion of the United States, air conditioning is vital for the health and safety of your customers and employees. Older buses may not have efficient AC units and may run the risk of a malfunction that could put your customers and drivers in danger. This is particularly true for businesses that service the elderly and young children.

Higher Summer Fuel Costs

Between the higher fuel prices and decreased fuel economy common in the summer months, companies can watch their profit margins shrink. Add the extra maintenance often required during this time of year and profits can disappear altogether. Buying new buses however can address these issues, particularly if you opt for alternative fuel options.

Improve Your Service Options

Even if your current fleet is well maintained, your business may benefit from investing in additional buses. This will allow you to offer additional routes and more tours while increasing your daily customer count. Expanding your service options is a wonderful way to encourage repeat customers and tempt those who may have gone elsewhere.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Technology has come a long way since the first computer and today, this technology can set you apart from the competition. New advancements now let you offer the latest to your customers, such as:

  • On-Board Wi-Fi
  • Interactive Tours
  • Personal Video Screens
  • Luxury Comfort Features
  • Crystal Clear PA System
  • State-of-the-Art Sound System
  • And Much More

The ability to provide the most cutting-edge amenities can set you ahead of your competition and may even earn you a wider market as the younger generations take note.

For more information on why you should search for new buses for sale this summer,please contact Creative Bus Sales today!