Benefits of Adding a College Shuttle Bus for Athlete Transportation

Model 1 | May 23, 2014

Benefits of Adding a College Shuttle Bus for Athlete Transportation

Colleges, big or small, are often known for their sports teams. Of course, you want to ensure all players are able to make it to their games on time and ready to play. Owning a college shuttle bus can be one way to achieve this. With the addition of a shuttle, you can have one or two reliable modes of transportation that can better serve your community. Here are a few ways a college shuttle bus can help you do that.

No More Late Players

Travelling in separate vehicles can cause a slew of problems. A number of mishaps can occur, including car troubles, unforeseen road conditions, and much more. Using one vehicle to transport athletes to and from events can help ensure everyone arrives on time. Players are also given the chance to relax knowing their ride will arrive in plenty of time for the game. This will help keep coaches, players, and maybe even some fans away from some stress.

Since you can configure the bus storage any way you please, there will also be room for each players gear. This ensures there won’t be any lost equipment en route, a costly and timely replacement.

Increased Exposure

A bus travelling down the highway with your University name and logo can be a mobile advertisement for your school. On the way and back from every game countless people will see your bus. You might as well take the opportunity to give your University a little more exposure.

The bus can also show you have a clear presence in your community and surrounding communities. Being seen and thought of in that setting will rarely have a negative impact.

More Than Athlete Transportation

Though we’ve been talking about the importance of a designated vehicle for athletes, let’s also review some of the other uses. It’s always possible that you could designate your shuttle bus to areas other than sports. Think about the many events and guests that visit each year. Have important board members visiting? What about an event for select students? Remember that your bus can serve a variety of needs when not in use for sports. It’s worth it to imagine the possibilities.

It’s hard to say no to the addition of shuttle bus for your athletes. The benefits far out weigh the cons when deciding to purchase a college shuttle bus. If you have a robust line up of sports, you will find the transportation to be in use constantly. Who knows? Maybe you’ll need to make the investment for a second vehicle to cater to your needs much sooner than you thought. No matter the college or sports team life, it’s worth it to at least consider the benefits of adding a college shuttle bus.