7 Facts About Tour Bus Sales to Ease the Buying Process

Model 1 | May 28, 2014

7 Facts About Tour Bus Sales to Ease the Buying Process

Education is the most important part of purchasing any vehicle. When it comes to tour bus sales, some don’t realize the process and examination on part of the buyer that takes place. If you are considering purchasing a bus for your tour business, read the common misconceptions buyers often have when looking to purchase a tour bus.

The Duel Between Cost and Quality

While it is easy to find cheap, secondhand buses, purchasing a bus should be something that is not decided on cost alone. A tour bus is still a vehicle, meaning it’s not uncommon for cheap to be equivalent to run down. Budget matters in all major purchases, however, if a bus is obtained simply because of its price, chances are it may not be a great fit for your use. Look through a variety of inventory, both new and used, before deciding on the final purchase. Don’t forget about to talk to your salesperson about your finance options as well.

Fueling Up

You’ll always want to ensure that your bus will be near a reliable fuel source both in route and off route, whether you purchase diesel, gasoline, or alternative fuel. While gas may be plentiful within a certain radius, there may not be stations near unexpected routes. Before making the final purchase locate diesel stations and gasoline stations in and around your operating area. For drivers, it may be worth it to invest in a smartphone app that is able to locate desired fuel during those uncommon routes. Then you’ll never need to worry about rushing to the nearest fueling station.

Don’t Get Stuck On a Short Bus

Underestimating the size of the bus necessary can cause issues down the road. If your business is small and you plan to stay that way, then a short bus will be a great option for the long term. However, if you hope to expand your offerings, consider the fact that you might outgrow your bus before it has been paid off or served its purpose. While it isn’t always necessary to buy more bus than you need, you might want to reconsider the size of the bus if you hope to grow size of the group that uses the bus.

Access For All

It’s important to consider how people will board and exit your bus. Do you host customers confined to wheelchairs? Will you need to transport wheelchair bound in the future? Even if you currently have no customer base that regularly needs a wheelchair, it is essential to consider access when buying the bus.

Value For Resale

While it is understandable that the future value of the bus might not matter at this time, it will matter when it’s time to trade in or sell the bus. Will your tour bus keep much of its value or decrepitate significantly? Many bus purchasers don’t consider this because they are just looking for a bus for their purposes right now. While it can be difficult to determine the market for resale in a few years, it’s worth it to keep the resale value in the back of the mind.

Who’s Driving the Bus?

With many tour operations, there will be a dedicated driver or group of driver’s responsible for transporting customers. The driver salary needs to be considered in addition to the bus purchase. Much of the operating cost of a bus can be attributed to the driver’s salary and benefits package.

License To Drive

Different states have different rules for who can drive the bus. Some states require a special license for a certain number of passengers, while others require drivers to be certified to operate a bus. Check the requirements in your state when considering what bus to purchase.

Now that you’ve explored a multitude of points, it’s time to put your thoughts to work. Browse the inventory of a reputable bus dealership and learn a little more about the products available. With your newfound knowledge you’ll be sure to glide through the bus buying process.