College Shuttle Buses for Today’s Student

Model 1 | May 31, 2014

College Shuttle Buses for Today's Student

Students are changing from generation to generation. One of the biggest shifts in student behavior is occurring right now. University and college attendees are becoming ever more tech savvy and their transportation should reflect that. Let’s explore a few reasons that a college shuttle buses could benefit from to fit the today’s student and exactly how that can be done.

Mobile Hotspot 

Many public spaces and shops offer mobile wi-fi, so it makes sense that a college bus should offer the same. If there isn’t already a campus-wide wi-fi installed, consider adding a spot to your most utilized buses or those with the longest routes. Students can then submit a paper last minute, e-mail a professor, or just scroll through the most popular posts to take a break. Who knows? Maybe offering a mobile wi-fi center will help draw students to ride the bus more frequently knowing they won’t be bored

Diverse Seating

It can be tempting to go with the traditional transit style seating for your college, but consider some of the other options. An airport layout is very similar with a u-shaped layout, but has more room in the center aisle. This large amount of space can allow for greater entering and exiting during those peak transit times. A luggage rack located at the front of the bus will ensure everyone can transport their belongings; no matter if it’s a band instrument or a large diorama.

Be the Center of Attention

College and university campuses hold a variety of activities throughout the year. What better place to introduce a new event than on a shuttle bus? Metro in Los Angeles used one of their subway cars to host a Valentine’s Day event. Of course, the event doesn’t have to revolve around romantic intent. Instead, gear the event towards meeting new people and mingling with fellow passengers. Reserve a different shuttle each month and a host an event on board that encourages students to get to know one another. Hold simple games at the bus stop or think of clever ways to get passengers to talk about a designated subject.

If you have certain routes that don’t operate at night, think about reserving it for an on campus event. Host a photo booth in a bus or let a club decorate the bus for more exposure. It can be a stationary piece that helps add something more to the event. There are a great number of ideas that can be had.

One other event option could even involve a scavenger hunt for a small prize. Let different housing sections, sororities, or clubs compete for a small party or perhaps a donation. The event could revolve around ridership on a monthly basis or be a one-day event involving the race from stop to stop. Possibilities are almost endless.

College shuttle buses can certainly operate beyond their designated transit routes. It will simply take a little bit of ingenuity and resources to implement different activities on and around you bus. Present your ideas to the transit board and ask to test one or two ideas during the next month. Then you’ll be able to see where you need to dedicate your time and attention to during these events. Just remember that college shuttle buses can be a great tool in expanding student involvement and helping to increase awareness your college shuttle buses.