Bus Graphics – How to Stand Out from the Crowd

Model 1 | March 12, 2017

Bus Graphics - How to Stand Out from the Crowd

Want to Stand Out from the Crowd? Used Buses with Graphics Packages can make a huge difference!

Other dealerships offer one or two used buses for church groups and preschools. But when customers visit a Creative Bus Sales location, they are amazed at the huge inventory of new and used buses that are suitable for a broad range of organizations and industries. But these shoppers need more than reliable transportation that meets all safety standards; they want stand-out buses that make a positive statement about their companies. For more information about branding read our blog about branding your bus as a eye catching advertisement for your business.
So let’s talk about graphics packages–

Graphics Advertise a Business

You have undoubtedly seen some vehicles around the city featuring the names of different companies broadcasted on their exterior. 3M has tracked the effectiveness of this marketing approach. After compiling data, these experts noted that just one intra-city vehicle has the power to reach up to 16 million consumers in a year. If you are planning to purchase multiple used buses for a fleet of casino shuttles or airport transports, you have the option of increasing the visibility of the company’s advertising message that much more.

Vehicle Graphics Also Create a Brand Image

Since branding is an integral part of advertising, it makes sense to opt for a graphics package that influences the consumer to have a positive impression of your company. The experts at 3M note that 97 percent of polled consumers were able to recall an ad displayed on a truck while 98 percent felt that the presence of these ads contributed to the company’s positive image. Thus, whether you select a 2009 Eldorado E-Z Rider II that seats 25 passengers or you opt for a smaller 2013 Eldorado Aerotech 220, which offers room for 14 passengers, the right graphics package is the ideal addition to getting it ready for future commercial use. If your branding is successful you can use your brand and your bus to make you even more profit.

Contact our vehicle experts today to learn more about the available models that might be right for your company. Then, discuss your branding and advertising ideas with our in-house graphics department to put together the perfect look to wow your customers.