The Basics of Grants for School Buses for Sale

Model 1 | March 22, 2017

The Basics of Grants for School Buses for Sale

The Basics of Grants for School Buses for Sale

The financial burden of updating a school bus fleet often prevents school districts across the country from improving their buses. Here at Creative Bus Sales, we are dedicated to helping reduce the financial burden with our extensive inventory of school buses for sale for all budgets and needs.

Another option may be to take advantage of the many grants for buses:

Why Apply for A Grant?

Grants are a type of funding that can be used to help cover specific expenses, typically in a particular field, such as retro-fitting fleets, improving fuel economy, or reducing pollution. If you are willing and able to meet qualifications and application requirements, you may be awarded large sums of money to use towardsnew school buses for sale.

Types of Grants

There are dozens of grants available throughout the country. Often, you must meet a set of objective requirements when spending awarded grants. For example, the Air Resources Board has a Lower-Emission School Bus Program, which helps California Schools afford to retrofit their current fleets to reduce emissions and thus, reduce children’s exposure to harmful smog. Besides reducing emissions, other types of grants for buses include:

  • Surface Transportation Improvement
  • Accessibility to Disadvantaged Populations

How to Apply
Each grant program has its own set of requirements regarding who can apply. When considering grants, pay particular attention to the qualifying information, as this will tell you who can apply, how to apply, and what the funds can be used for.

Before submitting a grant proposal, you will want to make sure you have all the necessary information, which can include the number of buses you hope to buy retrofitting with the funds and a business plan to ensure sound planning among other things.

Here at Creative Bus Sales, we are dedicated to helping our clients get the best deals by working closely with major manufacturers for reduced rates. For example check out this grant succes story from The Reach Out Morongo Basin executives. While the school buses for sale are fitted with the latest in fuel economy improving devices, our alternative fuel options comply with many of the emission or fuel economy grants and reduce long-term fueling costs.

To learn more about how we help make owning new buses affordable through our in-house financing or to request more information about our school buses for sale with alternative fuel, please contact the professionals at Creative Bus Sales today.

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