Set a New Green Goal: Learn how we plan to create a more environmentally friendly work environment

Model 1 | March 24, 2017

Set a New Green Goal: Learn how we plan to create a more environmentally friendly work environment

Learn how we plan to create a more environmentally friendly work environment with your help!

In coordination with National Alternative Fuel Vehicle day hosted with Odyssey we want to recognize small steps that we could take to improve Creative Bus Sales footprint even more. Here are a few tips about everyday things that you can do at work and in the offic to promote green efforts. If you’re at a loss for how to start we have some creative ideas for you

Office supplie

  • Stock reusable pens. U.S. citizens alone throw out over four million disposable pens daily. Consider stocking the office with reusable pens cartridges instead. Stock the supplies cupboard only with refills for these pens.
  •  Recycle used office supplies whenever possible

Print Less

  • Print double sided- It’s easy with one click your saving trees.
  • Print one copy of memos and other inter-office documents and circulate them rather than printing separate copies for everyone
  • Go digital – Stop printing so much! Use email especially for things that will become outdated and have to be printed again.
  •  Use whiteboards and/or overhead projectors to display meeting agendas rather than printing and distributing them.

Save Power

  •  Hit the lights when you leave the conference room or leave your office for the night
  • Eliminate screen savers.Instead, set monitors to power off after the same amount of time; it’s just as easy.
  • Use natural lighting whenever possible. Artificial lighting represents 40 percent of electricity consumption in a typical office building, and almost a quarter of all electricity in the States and this is often unnecessary. Open the blinds and let daylight in wherever possible.


  • Turn off your computer when not in use. It doesn’t hurt it. Really!
  • Check computer settings for standby mode – if computers are unused for periods of time they should automatically go into standby mode within a short time.
  • Keep computer equipment updated; current new computers and monitors are more energy efficient than those more than a few years old.

Recycle! Duh!

  • Start a recycling bin near your desk and ask others to join it. Recycling is in many cases,  a personal job to take on by making sure it is being taking to a recycling center regularly. But think, you might have money for a pizza to share!
  •  Recycle your E-waste- We are having an E-waste pick up this Friday. But you can also donate old clothing to thrift store or local shelters.
  •  Check out these 9 Things your Office forgot to Recycle

Some other ways you can help

  • Encourage using “real” glass mugs cutlery and dishes rather than disposables. It takes just seconds to wash out
  • Go Green – Make your office literally green with plants! They absorb airborne pollutants (which are rampant with off-gassing office furniture) and emit healthy negative ions and oxygen into the air. Having some green plants in the office also reduces that “sterile” look, making it more comfortable for everybody.
  •    Use green cleaning products to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Put a brick in the home don’t try this at work! -Sounds weird but this will displace an equivalent amount of water, using less when the tank fills. (The ideal, of course, would be to replace an old toilet with a new ultra-low-flush model.