Invest in Heavy-Duty Transit Buses for Sale from Creative Bus Sales

Model 1 | March 31, 2017

Invest in Heavy-Duty Transit Buses for Sale from Creative Bus Sales

Why You Should Invest in Heavy-Duty Transit Buses for Sale When Starting a Bus Fleet or Charter Service

Transit companies are only as good as their equipment is reliable.

Here at Creative Bus Sales, we pride ourselves on being able to help new bus fleets or charter services obtain the perfect buses for their needs. Our heavy-duty transit buses for sale, for example, provide long term reliability, among other benefits.

Every Business is Unique, Their Buses Should Be Too

The transportation industry is as diverse as the people who operate within it, and as such, buses should have a wide range of options to ensure the needs of all passengers are met. We have years of experience helping transit providers customize our heavy-duty transit buses for sale to meet their needs.

The Vehicles You Use Can Make or Break a Startup

It may be tempting to purchase used buses when you start your bus fleet or charter service. However, this can actually end up costing you more than if you had custom designed new buses. Used buses, for example, can be expensive to maintain, have reduced fuel economy, and may need additional work to ensure they meet current regulations and requirements. Spending a little extra on new heavy-duty transit buses for sale, particularly when fitted for alternative fuels, will save your company money in the long run.

Why Consider Heavy-Duty Transit Buses?

The key to running a profitable transportation provider is to get the most miles out of each expense dollar and heavy-duty buses allow you to do just that. They are built to operate longer and travel farther with as little down time as possible. When fitted with optional alternative fuel capabilities, they can also stretch fuel dollars while reducing your company’s impact on the environment.

Customized for Your Needs

The biggest benefit of investing in new heavy-duty transit buses is the ability to have them customized. Here at Creative Bus, customizing your fleet is simple.Tweet-tweet


Options include:

  • Seating for up to 49 passengers
  • Front, rear, or dual wheelchair ramp options
  • Between 25 and 40 ft. lengths
  • Alternative fuel conversion
  • Optional fare boxes, digital signage, and bike racks

For the best shopping experience, let our team of dedicated professionals help you design your fleet using our 35 years of industry experience. To learn more or to request a consultation, please contact Creative Bus Sales today