4 Secrets to Planning Your Route

Model 1 | April 4, 2017

4 Secrets to Planning Your Route

Bus Tip: 4 Secrets to Planning Your Route from the Industry Leaders at Creative Bus Sales

Today’s Tip is focused on planning your route.

GPS units are amazing devices that save us significant time, but we know they are not perfect. How many times have you followed your GPS and ended up on a route where your bus doesn’t fit or the unit has directed you on a route that directed you on a route out-of-the-way? Planning ahead whenever possible is the best way to ensure you will arrive at your destination efficiently and safely.

Here are 4 major tips to help you plan your bus route:

Back up Your Route

  • Backing up your route with a map program. Google Maps, for example, shows different route options from point A to point B. When you know your route ahead of time, you will know if your GPS is not guiding you correctly.

Check Your Route

  • Check your route for accidents, construction areas, and poor weather that will slow you down and delay arrival at the destination.
    • GO511 is a great tool used to see what road conditions you will encounter. In your search bar, key the name of the state you are traveling in with “511” to access the information.

Know Your Bus Height  

Overpasses have different height clearances. Some are not posted early enough for bus drivers to know if their vehicle fits or not. The Federal Highway Administration posts charts on their website giving the typical heights of overpasses on different roadways. Checking this ahead of time will avoid impact with an overpass.

Know Your Bus Weight
Some bridges cannot take the weight of a bus. It will slow you down if you reach a bridge and cannot cross. You will have to turn around and take another route. There are several websites, including that have formulas and charts citing bridge weight limits.

When you plan your route ahead of time, your trip will be smooth and hazard free. Contact us to learn more about our transportation solutions.

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