Leading Wheelchair Accessible Vans for Sale at Model 1

Model 1 | April 18, 2017

Leading Wheelchair Accessible Vans for Sale at Creative Bus Sales

The Comfort and Convenience of the Wheelchair Accessible Vans for Sale at Model 1

Having reliable, safe, and accessible transportation is vital for many Americans. Those who rely on wheelchairs for mobility often have to alter plans to accommodate accessibility issues. The wheelchair-accessible vans for sale at Model 1 provide safe and reliable transportation, while ensuring the comfort of all passengers.




The Basics of Wheelchair Accessible Vans

According to the United States Census Bureau in 2010, more than 3.6 million people required a wheelchair for basic mobility. tweet with us!!!

Unfortunately, public transportation options limit accessibility due to a shortage of accessible vehicles.To meet the needs of this underserved population, and effectively improve profits, businesses should invest in wheelchair accessible vans or buses.



Ramp or Lift Loading Options

Figuring out which loading option is the best for your business can be confusing. Here at Creative Bus Sales, we work with our clients to ensure their accessible vans or buses are equipped with the best loading option, which may include:

  • Manual or electric operation
  • Vertical or incline lifts
  • Side or rear ramps

Passenger Comfort

While accessibility is one of the most important factors when researching wheelchair accessible vans for sale, you need to consider passenger comfort as well. Here at Model 1, we have multiple wheelchair seating layouts for our vans that can seat up to seven passengers, allowing companies to customize their fleet to meet the needs of their clients.

Accessible and Convenient

Accessibility is only as useful as it is convenient for the transportation providers. If the mechanisms are difficult or complex to operate, drivers and passengers may become frustrated and dissatisfied. The best way to ensure the wheelchair accessible vans for sale will meet the needs of your company, passengers, and drivers, is to have one custom designed for you by the team of highly experienced professionals at Model 1.




Rear or Side Access

The vans and buses for sale at Creative Bus Sales provide either rear or side access for wheelchairs and other mobility aids. Which access point is right for you will depend on several factors. Our experts are highly trained when it comes to helping our clients design their fleet and can help you decide if rear or side access is right for you.