How to Adjust the Driver’s Seat for Comfort

Model 1 | October 13, 2016

How to Adjust the Driver's Seat for Comfort

Bus drivers must ensure that they retain optimal comfort during their drive. The hours they spend on the road can have an impact on their neck, back, and legs if they don’t achieve a comfortable seated position. It’s important to learn more on the optimal seated position for those long drives. In this latest post, our vehicles sale experts highlight how to adjust your bus seat for the highest comfort levels.

Consider the Optimal Seating Position

In ensuring you’re comfortable within the vehicle as the driver, it’s first important to make sure the seat is correctly positioned. To begin this process, bring the seat all the way back and then place it as low to the floor as possible. Then, bring the seat height back up until you can see the road comfortably and see your instruments. To ensure ongoing comfort, your knees should be placed at the same height level as your hips while driving. Now move the seat forward so that all pedals can be reached and pressed without straining your legs. Next, bring your seat forward slightly so that you’re reclined at a 100-110-degree angle.

Review Steering Wheel Position

The position of the steering wheel will have an important role in your comfort levels. If the wheel is too high, you may strain your shoulder muscles. If it’s too low, you can injure your neck and back. Adjust the wheel to bring it down and toward your chest. The less your elbows have to reach forward and up, the more limited the strain will be on your upper back and neck area.

Make Minor Adjustments During the Drive

When you notice that you’re straining your muscles to adapt to a change in traffic flow or in passenger levels, ensure you move your mirrors to accommodate any changes that take place. This can help you to minimize the stresses on your body that can accumulate as you drive. You may also find that you begin to slouch as you relax during the drive and so it’s important to remain alert and try to stay as upright as possible while retaining your comfort levels. This will ensure you’re in the optimal position to remove any potential strains across your neck and back as you sit in the vehicle.

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