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A bus driver wearing a disposable face mask.
Bus Driver Health Protection Upgrade

Model 1 | January 2, 2023

Bus drivers face exposure to germs and airborne illnesses all throughout their shift. With a simple modification to the vehicle, however, the risk of sickness can be drastically reduced. Read on …

A woman wearing a disposable face mask on a city bus
Passenger Protection Options for Bus Drivers

Model 1 | January 2, 2023

Bus fleet owners can upgrade vehicles to offer better passenger protection against germs and airborne viruses. Below are some popular options that are offered through a partnership with Model 1 …

A smiling bus driver seated behind the wheel.
Improving Operator Comfort for Commercial Bus Drivers

Model 1 | November 1, 2022

Operator comfort is not a luxury. It plays an important part in the bus driver’s ability to maintain focus, which influences the safety of the ride. Use the following strategies to help …

A repairman working on a shuttle bus.
Reducing the Need for Bus Repairs

Model 1 | November 1, 2022

A little preventative maintenance can go a long way in keeping your commercial bus out of the repair shop. We recommend keeping up with the following do-it-yourself maintenance tasks. FOCUS ON THE …

A blue bus is undergoing maintenance in a garage.
Bus Tire Maintenance Tips

Model 1 | October 28, 2022

Bus tires play an important role in the safety of your time behind the wheel. Keep your tires in good condition by following these maintenance tips. USE THE RIGHT TIRES There …

Fuel gauge vector efficiency
Ways to Boost Your Bus’s Fuel Efficiency

Model 1 | October 28, 2022

It’s no big secret that gas is expensive. Use the following strategies to help make bus trips more fuel efficient to save a bundle! KEEP TIRES PROPERLY INFLATED Tires that are not …

A directional sign showcasing diverse arrows.
The Microchip Supply Shortage: Options for Bus Fleet Owners

Model 1 | July 29, 2022

The microchip supply shortage has harmed those in the transit industry and likely will continue to negatively impact bus owners for years to come.

A wooden toolbox filled with tools displayed on a wooden background for bus maintenance.
Bus Maintenance Tips

Model 1 | June 29, 2022

Not all bus maintenance tasks require a visit to the service department. Keep reading for a do-it-yourself bus maintenance guide.

A mechanic working under the hood of a vehicle.
Should You Service Your Vehicle at a Dealership?

Model 1 | June 29, 2022

A dealership can be a great resource for getting your bus or van serviced. Read on to discover the many unique advantages that a dealership’s service department offers. SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE …

Vector image of a human hand holding a microchip.
The Microchip Supply Shortage: Understanding the Bus Production Crisis

Model 1 | June 7, 2022

Bus fleet owners are among the many groups of people affected by the chip supply shortage. The current production crisis is caused by multiple problems at different stages of the …