Bus Driver Health Protection Upgrade

Model 1 | January 2, 2023

A bus driver wearing a disposable face mask.

Bus drivers face exposure to germs and airborne illnesses all throughout their shift. With a simple modification to the vehicle, however, the risk of sickness can be drastically reduced. Read on to learn about our patent-pending bus driver protection system.


One option is the polycarbonate barrier. It outperforms plexiglass and offers excellent impact strength, stability, clarity, and high temperature resistance. It is also FMVSS 205 Compliant, FMVSS 302 Compliant, and AS-4 Certified.

Another option is the automotive vinyl with 100% 20 Mil. clear flexible chloride poly. It is FMVSS 302 Compliant.

Either way, get a protective barrier that won’t obstruct driver vision but will offer better protection against germs!


No one wants to get a bus upgrade that requires an intensive amount of time and work to install.

That’s why these driver protection systems are designed with easy installation in mind. It’ll only take a few minutes to install these on a bus and it’ll be a minimal modification to the vehicle.


Buses range in their size, cab layout, and so on. Getting the right fit is important for getting the best protection for the driver. That’s why the bus driver protection systems come in a range of options. They can be designed with a rotating hinge or sliding hinge, can fit dual door cabs or single door cabs, are compatible with minivans and full-size vans, and so on.

There are also kit and component options that make it easy to further customize the bus driver protection system to match your unique needs.

For more information or to order bus driver protection accessories, contact the experts at Model 1. We proudly serve those throughout the United States and are the nation’s largest bus dealer.